• Salvia coccinea ‘Summer Jewel White’ aka Tropical Sage 4"pot for walk in purchase at a Flash Garden

  • Tropical Sage  - Salvia coccinea  4"pots

    Beautiful, Tough, Resiliant, Deer Resistant. Native sometimes Perennial, Often a heavy re-seeder. Root Hardy to USDA hardiness Zone 9. Likes Full Sun to Shade.   Grows to 18" - 30" tall.  Deadhead to promote Blooms all season. Blooms from March to November. Often through winter in mild winters.  Likes moist but well drained soil. In Central Texas if still present above ground, Cut trim them back in March (back to 6"-8" from the ground) to keep the plants tidy else they tend to get woody and gnarly with less blooms. Also, Tip prune them around June 1st to keep them tidy and blooming (nip back just the very tips of each branch- think basketball to beachball size).

  • $4.95

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