We've aquired several of these Vintage trucks and vans.  Not sure how we did that, we think it might be a sickness.  With no cure.   And we also are not sure what we will do with all of them. We think we may use all of them for our little business, maybe as pop up shops or for making deliveries etc.  Hope these will put a smile on your face.  We just finished restoring our first International Harvester Co. Metro Step Van - and are really tickled with it.  We hope to restore and save all of these - maybe one could be for you.  Give us a shout at  trucks@plasticpinkflamingos.com  for more info.  That blue and white one on the far right, a 1956 IHC Metro, is spoken for already, a buddy from college is hoping he and I restore it for his Vet practice - really for advertising his business.  Really looking forward to it.  The blue one on the left, a 1961 IHC Metro, has bullet holes in the side and glass.  The red one second from left, a 1958 IHC Metro is the one we just restored to original.  See it in its new original 50's International Harvester colors.  Watch for us driving it around Austin and actually around the country.