• LAKEWAY Victoria Salvia farinacea 4”pot for walk in purchase only (at our LAKEWAY Flash Garden)

  • Deer resistant. 4” pot size Salvia farinacea DEER RESISTANT.  Absolutely Stunning Color.  Can get 16"-20" tall Typically 18” tall.  and 14"-16" wide at full growth.  Beautiful 5"-7" flower spikes normally from late spring/early summer well into November.  Reliable Perennial here. Normally will die down in winter and return in spring. Good to prune them back, through the growing season, after bloom cycles to keep them full and compact and re-blooming.  Prefers full sun. Can tolerate a little shade. A Water Wise plant, once established. Mealy Blue Sage Blue salvia Mealy Cup Sage


  • $2.95

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