• Planted Up 20" European Heavy Duty Haning Basket

  • Wow,  What a Beauty.   A Rosendo Juarez planted up large 20" Heavy duty vinyl covered metal hanging basket ,  plant with our ultimate potting mix, a Pink I'conia Begonia, impatiens, and trailing chrartreuse Lysmachia (Creeping Jenny).  Great for shadier areas,  morning sun, dappled light.  Will Not do well in full sun.    Ask about our Four Seasons Planting Service. We schedule Rosendo to come out an plant 4 times per year, once every 3 months on a set schedule.  Officially we are booked up through 2021 and beyond, but we may have some sets of dates opening up after re-scheduling from Weather.  email us at    RSVP@plasticpinkflamingos.com  for more info.  Thanks a bunch.
  • $147.00

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