• Dianthus Qt Supra Purple

  • 4"pot size Classic cool and cold season Color for the garden. These are the classic short varieties.  AKA 'Pinks' - not so much because of color but because the edges of each flower look like they have been trimmed with Pinking Shears.  Likes full sun

    For Customer Pick Up at our Flash Garden 11/9/19 & 11/10/19  & also at our Christmas Tree Pick Out Event on Saturday 11/30/19.  Both at Fall Creek Vineyards - Driftwood.  RESERVE/Pre-Order yours Now  and  pick them up at any of our Flash Gardens or at the Christmas Tree Pick Out Event and receive special Discounted Prices versus our already low actual Flash Garden Day Of/On Site prices.   BEST PRICE IS WHEN YOU RESERVE/PRE-ORDER - THEN PICK UP AT A FLASH GARDEN. We will also still discount some for Day Of Purchases at one of our Flash Gardens.  But best to RESERVE.

  • $5.54

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