• COLLEGE STATION Sunburst Tangerine 5g for walk in purchase only, at our COLLEGE STATION Flash Garden Not available for pre-ordering at this time

  • Tree size is considered to be medium to large. This is a very attractive fruit on the tree that bears heavily and is red in color. Has few to many seeds and is considered to be the superior in the Tangerine family.

    Most Citrus Trees are Technically not cold hardy in Central Texas. This means sometime In a 20 year period they are likely to experience a hard, killing freeze.  We do have a fair amount of customers(friends really) who have planted some varieties in the ground, outside with really good luck.(mostly Miho Satsuma, Owari Satsuma & Meyers Lemon).  We do Still strongly suggest you plant yours in a 20” clay pot, using our really great potting soil.  

  • $69.95

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