• DRIFTWOOD Eureka Lemon Tree 5g for walk in purchase at our Driftwood Flash Garden

  • This tree is smaller in size with small thorns.  It has a very attractive variegation on both foliage and fruit.  Fruit is medium in size with pink flesh. ? Pink Lemonade anyone ? :)

    Most Citrus Trees are Technically not cold hardy in Central Texas. This means sometime In a 20 year period they are likely to experience a hard, killing freeze.  We do have a fair amount of customers(friends really) who have planted some varieties in the ground, outside with really good luck.(mostly Miho Satsuma, Owari Satsuma & Meyers Lemon).  We do Still strongly suggest you plant yours in a 20” clay pot, using our really great potting soil.  

  • $59.95 $69.99

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