Premium Christmas Tree Service 2019




Premium Christmas Trees WITH Delivery, Haul Off, Use of one of our Heavy Duty Stands with the Water Bowl that does not leak.

Ours are better than USDA #1 Grade - The very best.

We give them a fresh cut and get them in Water as soon as they arrive.

We give them a second fresh cut Right Before Delivery to your house. 

Hand Grown and Hand Picked Poinsettias Delivered

Fresh, Supple and Fragrant 'Hiawatha' Brand Wreaths & Garland

and of Course

those Infamous plastic pink flamingos

and other classic plastic Christmas items

 we will have Limited Numbers and limited delivery spots available Premium Christmas Trees are going to be beyond scarce this year

 We WILL run out of all of these items 

We do every year

RESERVE/Order Yours now here online, we will run out soon

then COME pick out Your Tree

in our Little Christmas Forest      

at our Christmas Pick Out Party  

Saturday 11/30/19 at Fall Creek Vineyards - Driftwood    

(across from The Salt Lick BBQ joint)

          do COME to our Preview Flash Garden/Christmas Shop    

to get a Sneak Preview     

of all things Christmas as well as Seasonal Plants  

11/9/19 & 11/10/19  

also at Fall Creek Vineyards - Driftwood 

 Can't tell you how much we appreciate you.