• Poinsettias - These are the very Best. Reserve Yours Early - limited numbers- They make great gifts. Ready for delivery starting week of 12/02/19 Please also add the item “Poinsettia & Wreath Delivery” prompts to pick delivery day&time

  • Florist Quality, from our best Mom & Pop growers.  We hand pick these each morning at our Growers so that they do not get handled too much, so that they are the freshest best plants available. 

    For Delivery Only  (free delivery if reserved before 10/31/19 ) After choosing Poinsettias, Before Checking out,  Please add the Item: "Poinsettia & Wreath Delivery' to your cart  -  this will allow you to pick a delivery day and time.  We normally deliver these in separate trucks from our Tree Deliveries so that they do not get bruised, beaten up and jostled. These should be available starting the week of 12/02/19. (FYI these will not be available for pick up at our Tree Pick Out Event -These are for Delivery only.)


    **If you need Poinsettias delivered to more than one location (they make great Holiday Gifts for friends & family), make a separate Ticket for each location. Be sure to add the recepients name and address in the shipping address boxes. (your name still as the purchaser)

    Lots of Beautiful Varieties/Colors available, but numbers are limited !

    please email us at  trees@plasticpinkflamingos.com if we can help in any way.


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