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  • Outside Haul Off 

    Pick this Haul Off Option if your tree will be OUTSIDE and you do not need a specific day and time for haul off.   Let us know what Day that your tree will be outside - our crews will put it on our list and will swing by to haul yours off asap -  please let us know where on your property the tree/stand &bowl will be.  Please do not place them by the curb.  We do hope to grab those terrific Tree Stands and Water Bowls to use next year so that we can keep you future costs down. We lend these out to you instead of charging you for them.  Please do not place the tree by the curb.  Please place them away from the street.

     Outside Tree Haul offs will start as early 12/30/19 and continue through  01/12/20. 

    thanks a bunch

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