• Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir (tree only)

  • (tree only - does not include: tree stand, bowl, delivery, haul off )
    We think Ours are the very best!  Hand Grown and Hand Selected for our Christmas Tree Shop, these trees are Better than USDA #1 Grade   ‘Top Quality’ grade Fraser Firs  - Fresher, Fuller and more Fragrant.  
    Fraser Firs naturally hold their needles better than other Christmas trees because of the hard waxy coating on their needles.  This waxy coating decreases transpiration (loss of water from evaporation from the needles).  In Nature these trees stay green and supple even on their windy, rocky, dry hillsides sites.  Often when we haul off trees from customers they are still green and supple, appearing fresh enough to sell again in January.  Some customers report that they do not drink a drop and still stay green.   Although they are geared to not lose water, and take up only small amounts of water because or their waxy needle coating, our grower still pops them into a water bog just after harvesting.  Also, when we first receive our trees, we give them a fresh cut and get them in water immediately.  We do keep them watered and out of the wind and sun while on our tree lot.  We take good care of them. Then right before delivering to your house, we give them another fresh cut.  We deliver in covered vehicles and also have the trees wrapped in plastic so that they do not get windburned.  We suggest the you fill the water bowl as soon as we deliver. We are pretty sure that our trees get the best care of any trees out there. Please keep any AC & Heater vents shut off around them.  No way around it, even with out the vents blowing on them, eventually they will dry out if heat is turned up or AC is drying out their environment.
     Numbers are limited, first come first serve.  We will run out of trees.  Please order early. 
    For pricing, please use the drop down menu to choose the size of the tree. The associated price will then appear. 
    We also recommend these 3 additional items :  
    - Heavy Duty Tree Stand with a Water Bowl that does not leak   
    - Tree Delivery in Austin    
    - Tree Haul Off in Austin 
  • $275.00

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  • Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir  (tree only)
  • Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir  (tree only)
  • Christmas Tree - Fraser Fir  (tree only)

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